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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How a Little Facial Hair, a Bar, and a lot of Pinball Benefited the Foster kids of King County

On the eve of last Sunday, guys and girls with beards and staches (both real and artificial) vowed to make a difference at a Belltown favorite, Shorty’s.  Among the carnival lights, hotdogs, hanging clowns, and frothy beers, the participants pinballed their big hearts out to raise money for the foster kids of King County.
Organized by The World is Fun (TWIF), a Seattle nonprofit, the Pinball Tournament at Shorty’s was one of many crazy and lucrative events of the Beard and Stache Festival.  During the month of February, TWIF is hosting Beard and Stache events at bars and venues all over Seattle.  At each event, guests donate money by sticking $5 in a can with their favorite hairy candidate on the front.  There are five to choose from; I never said it was easy.  To find upcoming events, visit http://www.beardandstachefest.com/.

All donations collected through the Beard and Stache Festival benefit Treehouse, a local organization committed to bettering the lives of foster children.  Their goal is to provide foster kids with the tools needed to lead a normal childhood.  Treehouse offers unique services such as raising money for extracurricular activities as well as providing nice clothing and school supplies for those in need.
TWIF highlights the social aspect of volunteerism.  Their mission is to involve a younger demographic in the community of giving and they are dedicated to helping local nonprofits with urgent needs for volunteers, donations, and fundraising events. 
Donor Squad has thoroughly enjoyed meeting the team at TWIF and helping out with volunteers.  We have received nothing but positive feedback.
To learn more about Treehouse, go to www.treehouse4kids.org.

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting us Donor Squad! There is no required amount for donation to the cans though, people can donate anywhere from a penny to as much as they want. Shorty's was a special $5 donation to enter the tournament.

    We enjoyed having volunteers from Donor Squad help out at this event & the other they are helping us with!