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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Living La Vida "Local"

Ever wonder where your money goes when you donate to charity? Of course, why wouldn’t you. Ever donate to huge corporate charities because you’re not sure where to donate? I think we’ve all been in that situation. The truth is, all charitable giving is wonderfully encouraged, but it is truly important we don’t ignore smaller charities, they need your help!

If you hear of a small charity in your community, don’t hesitate.  You can expect your hand-me-downs and extra cash to benefit local causes and local people. Sometimes local charities will support the same causes as well-known charitable organizations, but they aren’t spending a lot of time advertising. Here are some reasons why people volunteer locally, and why you should too:

  1. Small charities are in more need of donations because they usually don’t get those large corporate sponsorships
  2. More of each donation actually goes to the people in need because small charities have lower overhead
  3. Small charities are typically local, so you can usually expect money donated in your area to help people, animals, and causes in your area instead of being shipped off to corporate

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for the best charity in your area, hit the web! Charity Navigator, Volunteer Match and Seattle Works are great resources for finding information on local charities.

On Charity Navigator and Volunteer Match you can narrow down your search by city, size, and type of cause. The first time I did this I found Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville Washington, which is hidden about one block from where I live. Seattle Works is a great place to find volunteer opportunities and support the community. On Twitter you can simply search for people or organizations in your area that exist to inform you of charities you can support.

So what are you waiting for?

Donor Squad is a Seattle start-up committed to connecting people with local nonprofits.  To learn more, visit the Donor Squad Facebook Page.   To join the Donor Squad Meetup group, go to Donor Squad Seattle.

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